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Bay Quality Prosthetics Lightweight lower leg Prosthetic

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Welcome to Bay Quality Prosthetics

Have you ever asked yourself
“Is there something better -- and lighter -- than the prosthesis I’m currently using?”

The answer is a resounding – “YES!”

Welcome to Bay Prosthetics – Home of the Patented Light Pro Prosthesis

Located in Panama City, Florida, Bay Prosthetics is the exclusive provider in the Southeast United States for the patented “Light Pro Ultra Light Prosthesis”.  Clients come to us from Mobile, Montgomery, and Dothan, Alabama; as well as Tallahassee and throughout Florida to take advantage of our extremely unique product.  Some people turn the visit into a vacation week on “The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches”, often receiving their new leg before they return home.

What makes the Light Pro so unique?

  • It is 40-60% lighter than most conventional artificial limbs.
  • It weights only 1 ¾ lbs for a below-the-knee prosthesis.
  • It weights only 4 ¾ lbs. for an above-the-knee prosthesis.


Originally researched and developed in 1991 by the staff at Rothschild’s Orthopedic Appliances, The Light Pro Prosthesis was brought to the market by Vernon Rothschild:

“By incorporating the advances of space-age plastics such as copolymers,
our researchers were able to fabricate an artificial limb
that was considerably lighter, stronger, and more durable than
conventional artificial limbs.”

The benefits of The Light Pro are realized from the athlete to the person that is a limited ambulatory.  Unlike anything else in its class, it is fully adjustable, cosmetically acceptable, and Medicare funded/recognized.  No one is excluded by Third Party Payers for The Light Pro.

As owner/principal Glenn Cottrill, C.P.O./L.P.O. explained:  “Unlike our publically traded competitors, we don’t answer to stockholders … we only answer to our clients.  That’s our guarantee and what sets us apart, and above, what anyone else is offering within the prosthetic industry.”

Contact us today, because we believe your call to us will provide an unexpected, life-changing outcome.