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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my prosthesis so heavy?

Glenn Cottrill responds:  That is the most common complaint we hear over and over again!  There are many reasons for this, from the type of prosthesis you purchased to the components and fabrication materials used to construct your artificial limb.  We don’t load your body down with steel bolts and uncomfortable socket materials just because “that’s the way we’ve always done it”.  We are innovators in the field of superior prosthetic and orthotic care, and our product is patented to provide light-weight comfort.


When I present to you as a potential client, what sort of questions will you be asking about my condition?

Glenn Cottrill responds:  Because we offer such personalized service to our            clientele, I usually need to know:

  1. When was your surgery?
  2. Do you currently have a prosthetic leg?
  3. When did you get your last leg?
  4. What are your goals and how can we help you meet them?


It seems natural that a lighter prosthesis would offer greater benefits.  Is that true?

Glenn Cottrill responds: I can tell you that from running shoes to mountain bikes, every manufacturer in the world is looking for materials and designs that reduce the weight of their products.  The same is true with lighter prosthetic legs, which will improve your energy efficiency and reduce fatigue.  Our clients express huge satisfaction in being able to get back to life with less fatigue and discomfort.


It would seem a lighter prosthesis would decrease the wear and tear on my body.

            Glenn Cottrill responds:  And that assumption would be a correct.  You will experience improved suspension, which will in turn, reduce the pressure on the residual limb.  A lighter prosthesis also contributes to a much better socket fit and greater socket comfort.  You are no longer slowed down by a limb that, literally, lags behind the rest of your body.


Does my insurance cover The Light Pro?

Glenn Cottrill responds:  Yes, from the standpoint of Medicare/Medicaid and most major Third-Party Payers. 

REMEMBER:  The Light Pro is fully funded for all amputees!